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Potential to Performance

Potential to Performance!
Competitive Juniors have the following in common:
• They know the rules of the game
• They know how to assess and play shots
• They’ve developed proficiency with the clubs in their bag
• They have a good swing and solid shot making skills
These 4 bullet-points are a player’s talent and ability. However, often this ability does
not translate onto the course on a consistent basis. Why? What is holding them back?
Why are they having difficulty going from “Potential to Performance?”
Here’s the answer. Their mental game is not well developed. Yes, they have the
technical shot making skills, but they don’t have a high level Process to “let out” that
talent and ability. The result is underperforming. Not executing up to their potential.
What are 10 indicators of a mental game that is not well developed?
• Lack of commitment to how you are playing shots
• Lack of commitment to club selection
• Doubting in abilities to execute shots
• Putting pressure and demands on yourself to execute: “I have to, I need to...”
• Trying hard to hit fairways and greens
• Trying to make pars and birdies
• Telling yourself “just don’t hit it in the water” (in the trees, in the bunker, etc.)
• Focusing on scores, results, rankings, qualifying, and getting recruited
• Thinking about your swing mechanics
• Lack of emotional calm and control
Why do I sometimes have big numbers on holes? A big number is just the outcome of a
mental game that is not well developed. You have all those shots but mental barriers,
such as the ones above, are standing in the way.
What is the solution to all of this? How do I perform up to my potential, lower my score
and achieve my golf goals? The answer is through Mental Conditioning. My Mental
Conditioning Program is brief, cost-effective, and gets results. When you go through
my Program everything will be simple (rather than complex), and you will execute all
shot making Confident and Carefree (like you are not even trying out there). I have all
the data to back up my Program so call me or check out my website for yourself!
Seth Kaplan, M.Ed.
Director of Mental Conditioning

Carolinas Golf Association
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